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To kick off this episode I asked him to speak on the 5 things he practices everyday which are: -Prayer -Faith -Dedication -Persistency -Consistency Make sure you subscribe and share with your friends. The Blue Print - My 1st Episode. Also, everyone knows how much of a Carmelo fan I am, however how I'm starting to feel like Carmelo isn't even a fan of himself, soooooo yeah let's discuss that along with everything else happening this NBA off season. Who had the better verse on 24 hours to Live?? Wassup ya girl is back for episode 7!!!! This week's music spotlight comes from Detroit artist Louis Automatic with his smooth story telling tune "Westside".

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Estella. Age: 24.
juicy azz

This episode was recorded back in May however, I didn't know that on this day as we were discussing mental health my own physical health was about to take a HUGE turn literally hours after leaving the studio.

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Celine. Age: 27.
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Juicy [Explicit] (Remix)

As promised i did give y'all a in depth description of why i was away and trust me it was so hard to not be hardheaded and go against my doctor's orders. I have my first musical guest I got a chance to chop it up with Oba about his latest album "Northland" and breakdown the inspiration behind this 26 song project.

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