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And she died with her family. And the guy who was playing my brother in this J. And my character was like a fashionista, so I was always in these like really crazy outfits. And this one outfit was like a flowy skirt that we used as a dress, so it was like tied up like a strapless dress but it was a skirt, and I had to walk in front of the camera and like be on my phone like oh I'm so bored and then walk past the camera, that's what the shot was. And it's not an awesome experience. As I did that, it fell, like legitimately.

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Cataleya. Age: 28.
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So we went like upstairs to the venue and we kissed and then I was like, "You gotta give me more than that.

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Amelia. Age: 29.
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Like just be acting, be writing, be whatever it is that you wanna do creatively, and eventually you will make money off of that. She was so funny, she was so sweet. Penney commercial that I'm not proud of. And then they ordered us food, but they wanted us to stay in the outfits 'cause the producers were gonna come down and approve it, so they wrapped us in plastic wrap.

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