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Only last week did I discover that the matriach of one wholesome house, with the kid who practices cello in the garage, is a pastor. Every spark of light that is still left inside you is the Jedi. S:AAB fic is scattered about here and there on the internet. With that touch, they can both feel how powerful the Force is in him. Discover the joys and frustations of obscure fandoms. Another takes their helmet off. Anyway, some people in Sentinel fandom did literally ask for warnings about whether Blair cut his hair in a given fic, but 1.

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From paper through Usenet to Livejournal , text was king.

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Fandom will survive, but where? Blair was the flawless fave. Rowr, Josh Brolin was hot as a young rockabilly! I learn that the house with the rainbow flag and the inverted pentagram in the window also runs the local neighborhood association.

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