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sensual erotic massage video
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My female clientele featured in each video have all been secure, happy and content in the knowledge that they have been filmed and that I will be using the videos for public viewing on this particular website and video platform only. Most women booking my massage services prefer to just remain passive and to let me touch and pleasure them with my sensual stroking, erotic sensual massage techniques, hands or with oral sex if so desired without feeling the need to reciprocate in kind and to then touch me or to pleasure me. There is absolutely NO pressure at all to perform or an obligation to please me as the massage therapist masseur as this erotic experience with massage is all about YOU and your own personal pleasure and NOT about me taking or enjoying my own sexual pleasure. The erotic sensual massage videos are all quite tame in their content as opposed to being explicit for this reason as the ladies are not models or porn actresses and the videos feature myself with a selection of my discerning female clientele. The videos are not intended to be cinematic masterpieces or the zenith of my own artistic creativity, they are just very short segments of a typical massage or spanking appointment to show you who I am in film as opposed to still photographic images. Sensual Relaxing Massage Videos.

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Catalina. Age: 32.
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Sensual massage videos 1 and 2 do feature more explicit, passionate, sex scenes than the other videos where the lady does react to my erotic sensual massage techniques and does not remain passive as she enjoys her sexual pleasure with me as she engages in full sexual intercourse.

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Tinley. Age: 26.
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I once again reiterate that the spanking videos are only to show me in action in film as opposed to still photography and just a very brief introduction to enable you to imagine being bent over for spanking as I administer corporal punishment. I must apologise in advance if any annoying "pop-ups" appear on the SendVid website. All the ladies featured in my massage and spanking videos are over the age of

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