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Back in modern day, Sonic ends the story and is still hanging from the tree. Tails grabs his skateboard, and Sonic pushes him away just as the Zapper shoots him, changing him to stone. Sonic frees him, but they cannot escape because Momma Robotnik turns a pile of trash into a birthday cake and turns the gate into an electric fence using a machine on her watch. Sonic overhears them talk about Von Schlemmer, so he tricks them into telling him where to find the Professor. The first family is a pair of clumsy Storks who flood their own house and set it on fire.

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Despite of his positive attitude, Sonic displays some loneliness when he first arrived at Earth, by believing that he was the only one being transported without his friends and feels partially sad about it.

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Smiley tells him Tails is captured by Robotnik and to ensure his safety Sonic has to lose a race to Grounder. Robotnik, Scratch and Grounder all fly off holding onto a giant rocket, with Robotnik screaming "I hate that Hedgehog! The initials for the taxes spell 'You are so stupid'. Sonic snaps out of the flashback and realizes that if those were really Tails' parents they would have called him 'Miles', not his nickname.

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