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Naturally, we assumed cursed and haunted and were ready to put it back into the Dangerous Objects room for later investigation. You will not believe the shipment that we just got into the office. We re received a sarcophagus! There is, strangely, only a single exception to this ruleā€¦. Totally non-radioactive, too. Posts Likes Following Archive. The corgi is officially the cutest creature on the planet.

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Molly. Age: 27.
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At first, we thought it was a prank because we could swear we heard something moving inside, knocking on the interior!

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Maci. Age: 30.
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Unfortunately, our own candy reserves are a little depleted. Nevertheless, the herding dog will certainly not have to work another day in its life thanks to its favorite features. All they need are their bare hands, some shadows to sneak around in, and a mission to carry out.

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