Cooking a rolled turkey breast

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My name is Olena Osipov. I'm a mom to 2 boys and a wife to Alex. And this is our healthy family recipes blog.

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How do you know when your turkey is ready? What size turkey should you buy? What size turkey do I need?

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This roasted turkey breast with garlic herb butter is a great alternative to making the traditional turkey! Because you can use boneless turkey breast instead of roasting the entire turkey. This post will provide easy instructions on how to roast a turkey breast.

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Partnered with. Boned and rolled turkey breast. Watercress sprigs, to serve optional.

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Last week, I shared this step by step tutorial on how to prep turkey breasts to make a great Thanksgiving turkey roulade turkey roll that will be a great alternative for a whole turkey for Thanksgiving this year. Sage, rosemary, garlic and spices are ground together to form a deeply fragrant, flavorful spice paste which is then spread on the butterflied turkey breast. The turkey breasts are then tolled tightly into a roulade and wrapped with the turkey skin and slow roasted until perfectly cooked and juicy.

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You still get an impressive looking centrepiece for the table and the delicious taste of the very best turkey. The breast is filleted from the carcass and then tied into an elegant looking roll. With the skin retained on the joint it will be perfect for roasting in the oven, delivering an attractive golden finish.

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Christmas isn't Christmas without turkeybut sometimes a whole roast bird isn't suitable for your festive dinner. This is especially true if you're catering for a smaller crowd. That's where a rolled turkey roast comes in handy.

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Ask your butcher to butterfly the turkey breast halves. This involves splitting the meat almost all the way through so it can be opened out like a book. Then the turkey breasts are filled with a savory stuffing, and rolled and tied before roasting.


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