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Hacker Renders had this idea once to start a Bad Film Club with some folks at work. But not before I bought Myra Breckinridge as an act of good bad film faith. It sat on the shelf, Raquel Welch in her star-spangled bathing suit staring slackly at me.

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Myron: It's a dangerous thing, ambition. Ruined Mickey Mouse's whole career. Surgeon: No!

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Post a Comment. Monday, June 26, Myra Breckinridge. Train Wreck Cinema.

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Myra Breckinridge by Gore Vidal. When last we left Gore Vidalwe were worried about his politics. Myra Breckinridge is narrated by its eponymous heroine, a transgender woman who is obsessed with classic Hollywood and bent on taking over an L.

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Squirrel Creek Lodgean 18,square-foot former steakhouse in Littleton, looks a lot like any other event space used for corporate get-togethers or run-of-the-mill wedding parties. But Squirrel Creek has hidden depths. Nearly every weekend, droves of people visit for racy parties where open-minded couples meet other open-minded couples looking to spice up their sex lives.

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Myra Breckinridge is a satirical novel by Gore Vidal written in the form of a diary. Described by the critic Dennis Altman as "part of a major cultural assault on the assumed norms of gender and sexuality which swept the western world in the late s and early s," [1] the book's major themes are feminismtranssexualityAmerican expressions of machismo and patriarchyand deviant sexual practicesas filtered through an aggressively camp sensibility. The controversial book is also "the first instance of a novel in which the main character undergoes a clinical sex-change.

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In the episode of AMC's Backstory included as one of the special features on the surprisingly thorough Myra Breckinridge DVD, it quickly becomes apparent that everyone involved in the X-rated adaptation of Gore Vidal's transgressive, gender-bending satirical novel thought they were making a different movie. It's fitting that the DVD's two audio commentaries seem to be commenting on two wildly divergent films. In one of those commentaries, Myra Breckinridge star Raquel Welch treats the film the way a parent might treat a child who grew up to become a serial killer: with a mixture of shame, horror, revulsion, and disbelief that she was ever involved.

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Updated: August 8, am. Smart Rating: She travels to Hollywood, meets up with her rich Uncle Buck John Huston and, claiming to be Myron's widow, demands money. Instead, Buck gives Myra a job in his acting school.

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We look back on the cult movie. There is a delight in attempting the extraordinary… merely because it is so. As we shall see….

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Gore Vidal died yesterday, and though he appeared as an actor in a few movies —he played a professor in With Honorsan evil futuristic fellow in Gattaca and, most memorably, as Tim Robbins' lefty opponent in Bob Roberts —he'll be remembered, in a movie sense, as the guy responsible for Myra Breckinridge. This is extremely unfair: Vidal had nothing to do with Myra Breckinridge other than having written the satirical novel the movie was ostensibly based on. Vidal claimed he'd never seen the film.


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