Babies growing breasts in china

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This may not be a big shocker for those who have followed the effects of bovine growth hormones over the years. But it is certainly very sad news. And a wake-up call to us all, especially those living in the United States.

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This copy is for your personal non-commercial use only. A panel of nine experts will investigate claims that a milk powder fed to babies in China was causing the girls to grow breasts. Tests of milk powder produced by Synutra International and sent in by concerned consumers were already underway, the ministry said.

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Thursday, September 21st, Views. Sigalit Zchut, clinical marketing manager, infant nutrition, Infat-Advanced Lipids, explores its extraordinary growth. Last year million babies were born, according to the World Health Organisation.

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August 15, by Zachary Shahan. Hope you enjoy them! I also wrote on a new study out showing that cars are actually worse than planes when it comes to global warming pollutionin the long run not in the first 4 years or so. Of course, both are at the top of the list for biggest global warming polluters and polluters, in general.

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People are very upset about this, and for good reason. Female infants in China who have been fed formula have been growing breasts. According to the official Chinese Daily newspaper, medical tests performed on the babies found levels of estrogens circulating in their bloodstreams that are as high as those found in most adult women.

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Enter keyword s to search for the articles,events,business listing and community content. You can use letters:a-z,A-Z and numbers A panel of nine experts will investigate claims that a milk powder fed to babies in China was causing the girls to grow breasts.

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When will the Chinese ever stop killing or mutating kids just because they want higher profit? According to report by TIME. Even several local food industries who purchased milk in China were affected.

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You notice I wrote these women were giving their milk. No, not quite. Families hire these women as wet nurses in part because of a formula contamination scare in China, during which six babies died and hundreds more were made ill by tainted artificial milk. But who is hiring, from the same services agency, lactating women for adults?

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Less than a third of babies are exclusively breastfed in China and the number is falling despite global health bodies recommending the practice for babies under six months. The Irish dairy industry is planning to increase milk production by 50 per cent by with the abolition of EU quotas. Most of the excess production is expected to be in the form of powdered milk exports to Asia and Africawhere dairy consumption is rising.

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Updated August 10, Chinese baby girls between the ages of 15 months and four years old have reportedly developed breasts after drinking milk formula. The China Daily newspaper says three children were tested and found to have hormone levels greater than adult women.


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