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Lactic is a milk-based ingredient that is great for hydrating and exfoliating the skin in a gentle manner. Combine lactic with the powerful lighteners kojic and arbutin to create a superb lightening treatment. It is highly recommended to use the at home renewal system as daily maintenance program to this professional treatment.

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Acne is a general term for eruptive skin disease. It can affect teenagers and adults. Acne can be treated with a variety of procedures.

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View Cart Checkout. Prominence Peel offers a quick, comfortable and predictable comprehensive skin rejuvenation solution for all skin types. Prominence Peel is for those seeking more dramatic results that go far beyond what can be achieved with superficial peels.

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View Cart Checkout. Chemical peels are used to treat different skin conditions, such as sun spots, fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin tones. The Jessner and TCA peels are the two popular types of chemical peels. The peel is applied to your skin and then removed after some time.

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This aggressive mixture helps to resurface and refine skin and pores, remove oil and debris and protect from bacterial infections. This is an ideal facial for oily and acnetic skin, helping restore your skin and remove unwanted impurities. It is important to note, that the client continues on the home care system to maintain the maximum benefit to the treatment.

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The first of our two new locations is opening next week in Bonita Springs! The Laser Lounge Spa is opening two new locations soon! The Laser Lounge Blog.

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Daily exposure to UV rays and other environmental elements can cause the skin to become discolored and premature wrinkles may emerge. The skin will have a smoother, tighter texture and pigmentation problems will begin to diminish. Works The Cortex laser will direct a grid pattern of tiny pulses of light at the skin.

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Exfoliation is a fundamental skin process that removes the top layers of dead, dry skin cells to expose newer, younger skin underneath. Chemical peels are a wonderful option for exfoliation that can be customized to your individual needs. Chemical peels remain to be a top choice for patients looking for safety, reliable results and the ability to modify the depth of the exfoliation to the amount of correction they need.

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If you want the power to reverse the years and damage that has caused your skin to look older than it should, a chemical peel may be something you should look into. A chemical peel is done by and esthetician who applies a chemical solution to your skin, which allows you to shed the dead skin cells and revealing new and smoother skin. This is an ultra light treatment that can be used to refresh previously treated peel series clients.

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Crystal-free diamond microdermabrasion obscures signs of aging, including fine lines, acne scars, and hyperpigmentation. From the merchant: A unique and immersive Spa experience featuring results-oriented products and affordable pricing. From the merchant: Spavana Skincare offers facials that rejuvenate the skin holistically. Spavana Skincare offers facials that rejuvenate the skin holistically and help combat age spots, acne, and other skin conditions.


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